I’ll Cross That Bridge When I…Oh, Shit There It Is!

Time flies when you are busy living life.  I shouldn’t be shocked that it’s swiftly moving along, since I feel like I have so much to still get ready for!

Just when I feel like I have plenty of time, I keep looking up and seeing that bridge in my life is getting closer and closer.

Then, suddenly, I am at the toll booth in line to cross.

Out with the Old

I put in my notice at the office to let them know that I am leaving them today.  My bosses took it surprisingly well.  Probably because they haven’t realized all the little things that I do to keep everything rolling smoothly…yet.

It is possible they will request me to work remotely temporarily until they hire and train someone to replace me.  Honestly, I will be super hard to replace because I am an awesome employee.

Seriously awesome.

In With the New

I’m now turning my attention to crossing that bridge that has been looming ahead for such a long time.

I have a lot of concerns about the transition, but being the organize and proactive person that I am, I have already started researching how to handle it.

There are a LOT of resources and plenty of people willing to offer up tips and advice.  I plan to gather up all that advice and decide if any of it applies to my lifestyle and situation.

One of my concerns is scheduling.  I could easily find myself falling into the trap of filling my newfound days of freedom (not at an office/kids off to school/empty house) being incredibly unproductive if I don’t schedule my life.

Like binge-watching Netflix in my pajamas all day unproductive.

I am already compiling lists of chores, medical appointments, volunteering options, and other things that I would do if I had more time…now I just have to force myself to be motivated!

I have a month to plan and prepare myself, but in many ways I am SO ready mentally already.

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