Doing Things Ass-Backward

It should have come as no surprise to anyone who knows me, that I do things completely out of order.

While other freshmen in high school were taking Earth Sciences, I opted to skip ahead to Biology.  The result was having to loop back around and take it as a senior after I came to the understanding that more advanced sciences and I were not compatible.

So, while most individuals who elect (whether by choice or circumstance) to become a SAHM get in on the ground floor when their kids are infants or toddlers, I (in typical ass-backward fashion) have delayed this for a long time.

I worked full-time for more than 6 years since my oldest son was born. Then, I stepped down to part-time for a couple years.

Finally, I decided (and finances aligned) that it was time to join the stay-at-home moms.

Both my boys have now started school full-time (Second Grade and Kindergarten), which seems like an odd time to make the transition.

Or is it?

If you have school-age children, you probably already figured out that the school year is not conducive to working parents.

In addition to figuring out before and after school care, there are all the holidays, professional development days, parent-teacher conferences, medical appointments, sick days, seasonal vacations, family vacations (which are always more expensive during seasonal school holidays), after-school activities, and homework that make a 9-to-5 (plus commute) job incredibly difficult to balance with parenthood.

Really, who wouldn’t want that if they could afford it?

I’d be crazy not to.

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