When Push Comes To Shove

Despite my ass-backward approach, my transition from to SAHM has actually been a long-time coming.

It didn’t come like a freight train barreling down on me in a frightening manner.

Nor like a holiday present you are eagerly waiting to receive.

More like an impending root canal, where you know you’re going to have to suffer through a procedure to improve your overall quality of life. You can only avoid the event for so long before it becomes crucial, and when it does happen…you’re so relieved that you welcome the event.

I can’t tell if that makes it sound better or worse than it actually is.

It’s probably both….

An Aha! Moment…or Not

I’d like to pretend it was some great motherhood moment that gave me the push.

Really, it was increasing childcare concerns and complications that eventually shoved me.

Four years ago, my mother-in-law relocated almost 600 miles from her home to help us out and has been our primary childcare support structure for our two boys (Q and M).

Especially for my youngest son, M, who requires a lot of extra care.  M has Level 3 Autism Spectrum Disorder.

For those of you unfamiliar with the autism spectrum, the DSM-5 Diagnostic Criteria has three different levels of severity. Individuals with Level 3 severity are classified as “Requiring very substantial support”.

This means that finding stable, affordable, trusted childcare for my son has been challenging. I already stepped down to working part-time (PT) rather than full-time (FT) over a year ago to help alleviate this somewhat.

The Game Plan

Do I have a game plan?  Yes.

Do I have any idea WTF I’m getting myself into?  Nope.  Your guess is as good as mine.

My plan, in a super-simplified nutshell:

  1. Create a  Schedule – A reasonable schedule for things that I need to accomplish each day/week. Finding a happy medium between trying to get too much done and spending the whole day reading.
  2. Volunteer More – I already try to help out where I can, but I am hoping I can volunteer 1-2 times a month at each of the boys schools.
  3. Take Time to Relax  – I have read that it’s easy to get so wrapped up in errands, chores, and remote work projects that parents staying at home neglect themselves.  So, I’m going to try to find “me” time every day/week.
  4. Socialize – Being used to chatting with co-workers every day, this may be hard to replace.  I see myself spending a LOT more time on social media than I used to already.
  5. Blog – Look at me, I’m starting this one already! I’m going to make a concentrated effort to keep it going too 🙂


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