50 Gift Ideas for the Autistic or Sensory-Seeking Child

Every December, I get bombarded with requests for suggestions for my gifts for my autistic and sensory-seeking son.

He doesn’t have an interest in the same toys and objects that many neurotypical children the same age do. It makes it challenging (even for people who know him very well) to find gifts that he will actually enjoy.

Keeping in mind that not all sensory-seeking or autistic individuals are alike, here is a list I have created of some gift ideas for the autistic or sensory-seeking child in MY life, to help you shop for yours this holiday season.

Gift Ideas (Listed from A to Z)

  1. Aromatherapy Buddy Clip
  2. Aromatherapy Stuffed Buddy
  3. Balance Beam (folding)
  4. Bean Bag Chair

    M on his Yogibo Bean Bag Chair
  5. Blanket Fort Builder Set
  6. Bubble Blower
  7. Button Art
  8. Chew Jewelry / Wearables
  9. Chewy Drinking Straws
  10. Cozy Canoe
  11. Doodle Pad
  12. Doorway Swing Set
  13. Fiber Optic Light
  14. Fidget Spinner
  15. Gel Fidget
  16. Headphones (Soft Headband headphones)
  17. Hammock Pod Sensory Swing
  18. Hopper Ball
  19. Koosh Ball
  20. Liquid Motion Bubbler / Timer
  21. Massagers (vibration)
  22. Massage Balls
  23. Night Light Projector
  24. Pin Art Impression Toy

    M enjoying his pin art impressions
  25. Play-Doh Fun Tub
  26. Pocket Seat
  27. Pop-Up Crawl-Through Tube
  28. Putty (Scented Putty is available too)
  29. Rain Tube
  30. Repeat Pete
  31. Sand
  32. Sand and Water Table
  33. Scooter Board
  34. Sensory Brush
  35. Sensory Sack 

    My boys relaxing  in a large sensory sack together
  36. Shag Small Area Rug
  37. Slinky
  38. Sound Puzzles
  39. Step Pad
  40. Stepping Stones
  41. Stress Balls
  42. Super Simple Songs DVD
  43. Tactile Cushion
  44. Trampoline (small)
  45. Vibrating chewy
  46. Volcano lamp
  47. Weighted Blanket
  48. Weighted Stuffed Animal
  49. Wood Pattern Blocks / Boards
  50. Zippa Roll
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