Quitting My Day Job: How to Make Money Working Out of Your Own Home

One question I’ve been asked is “What will you do all day when your kids are in school?”

Um, work.

A Different Kind of Work

Yes, I still plan to work. It’s just going to be a different KIND of work.

Unpaid work, for the most part, but for a couple years now, I have done freelance work in my meager spare time.  More spare time means more freelance time possible.

Most of MY freelance work is editing and writing academic papers.  It’s amazing how many people will pay you money to format their references into APA-format, correct their grammar, or ghostwrite their memoirs because they don’t have the time or skill to do so.

How to Make Money From Out of Your Own Home

Pretty much, I’ve learned that if you can do something not everyone else can (whether it’s sewing a costume, playing the oboe, dying hair, being home midday to care for pets, or creating spreadsheets) it is instantly a marketable skill.  The trick is finding people who need your skillset and are willing to pay a reasonable fee for it.

Here are ten websites to consider using for marketing your unique skills and talents online:

  1. Upwork – Office work your thing? Good at editing, writing, web design, data entry, legal, marketing, or accounting then this might be a good place for you.
  2. Etsy – Crafty people have a home at this website, which provides a market place for homemade household artists,  tailors, jewelry makers, knitters, quilters to sell their creations (A coffee bean ring? Who wouldn’t love to buy that! Right?)

    Coffee Bean Ring Coffee Lover’s Gift Copper Coffee Ring http://etsy.me/2iPMfaz via @Etsy
  3. GigSalad – A hotspot for performers of all kinds – cellist, face painter, costumed character, musicians, bartenders, magicians, speakers – to connect with event planners.
  4. Facebook – There really is a Facebook group or page for almost everything. If you want to sell services or products locally, this might be a good way to go. I once found someone to remove a dead raccoon from under my porch by on FaceBook, so trust me…someone is always looking for your services.
  5. Rover – Interested in dog walking, pet boarding, house sitting, or providing doggy daycare services? A lot of people are looking for help and you can meet up with them on this site.

    Clip Art from https://yourhound.co.za/dog-walker-in-sandton/
  6. FlexJobs – If you are looking for an office job, such as IT support, accounting, or a customer service position, but prefer to apply for a position in the more traditional style, then this site is a great option.
  7. DaDaABC – If you are a native English speaker with a Bachelor’s degree, then you can be an online English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher. DaDaABC is one of many ESL schools looking for native speakers to help teach people online across the world.
  8. Local Handyman Pros – You can sign up to receive requests from homeowners in your area to help them with a variety of home projects, from painting and staining to carpentry and appliance repairs.

    Handyman Clip Art
  9. LinkUp – A traditional-style search that offers a good number of telecommute positions for the financial, medical, information technology, and other data-driven industries. LinkUp offers a fair number of  mid- to upper-level remote positions which makes it stand out from many other similar sites.
  10. Independent Consultant for one of many direct sales organizations, such as these ten companies: Jamberry, Pampered Chef, LuLaRoe, Thirty-One, Hilltop Designs, Pure Romance, Trades of Hope, Perfectly Posh, Usborne Children’s Books, and Scentsy.

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