Just Around the Corner

Only three more weeks to go until all the changes take place in my life. I am equal parts nervous and excited.

I go back and forth probably 50 times a day between wondering what the hell I was thinking and eagerly anticipating being able to accomplish all of the things during the day that I have never been able to before while the kids are in school.


I hope to work part-time remotely. I don’t want to be too busy though since the whole point is to be able to be the main support the children. If I get bored, there are a ton of things I can do! I can find more work, hang with other moms, train for a 5K, volunteer at schools, or clean out the garage.


How will I cope with the change? Will I be able to get enough part-time work to earn a small income? What will I do during the long summer months? How will family expectations change over time? How will I stay sane without daily social adult interaction? Why did I ever think I could do this!?!

Learning to Swim

I know that the truth is that I will have to learn to swim in the murky waters of the unknown progressively.  It’s going to be a bumpy rides with all sorts of trials and errors until I figure out what works for me and my family.  I have a lot of big plans, but really my goals are fairly reasonable.

At least I think they are.


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  1. It always takes an adjustment period. I gave up doing the bills many years back. Ignorance can be bliss until reality of anothers actions brings it to head time to time. But one of the best decisions I ever made. Get involved with other moms and school activities: Getting to know your child’s friends and their parents will make lasting cherished friendships down the road. It’s a new adventure in life. Embrace it as I know you will. Its a walk on the wild side at this point but well with. Making lasting memories

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