Trying to Do It All: A Supermom’s Advice to the All Moms

I am tired of society, both media and other moms, disparaging the supermom a.k.a. the “Mom Who’s Trying to Do It All”.

This usually refers to the mom who is trying to be perfect in every aspect of her life, rather than one who is just trying to keep everything under control or get everything she has to accomplished.

It is a positive thing to try to be the best you can at the things that are important to you.

As long as you are doing it for your own satisfaction AND not stressing out about what you really just don’t have the time or skill for.

Pick Your Greatness

All parents have to pick and choose their battles. This means that you can choose what’s important to YOU.  For some parents, that means waking up early to go to the gym before their kids get up. To some moms, maybe it is squeezing in reading a new book or two each month in addition to other responsibilities.  To another parent, that might mean volunteering twice a month, getting their family to eat more green vegetables, or taking a class in pottery.

People incorrectly assume that these “do it all” moms are trying to squeeze in as much as they can.  I have never met a mom who even wants to do it all…and trust me…

I am THAT mom!

While working full-time, I still chaired a PTO committee, went backyard camping, coached youth sports, managed the health and therapy of a severely autistic child, arranged play dates, read over 50 books a year, drove kids to swim lessons and birthday parties, planned  vacations, go out to monthly brunch with the girls, and I still managed to clean the fish tank out on a bi-weekly basis!

I am sure some people think I am a crazy person for juggling so much, but THOSE things make ME happy.  I enjoy organizing, planning, being active, and being busy.

There’s also a long list of things that I rarely do (or avoid like the plague) that other moms probably judge me for. Like dusting.  When I say that I rarely dust, what I really mean is that I dust ONCE a year (if I’m lucky) and probably do a horrible job at it too.  Your family probably eats WAY better than mine too.

Find YOUR Happiness

Maybe you ARE that crafty Pinterest mom who enjoys trying new recipes, making your own Christmas ornaments, and finding a creative way to reuse those single-serve applesauce containers your kids go through so rapidly.  If so, don’t let anyone make you feel bad about that. 

Maybe that means you don’t volunteer to work at the school book fair or let your kids watch cartoons for a couple hours while you are making your awesome new seasonal door wreath.  Don’t let anyone make you feel bad about that either!

Maybe you lead a scouting troop, 4-H club, or volunteer at the soup kitchen, but you can’t remember the last time you washed your windows or dusted the bookshelves.  That’s totally up to you!

Can you stress yourself out doing too much? Yes.

But you should never, ever let anyone else make you feel badly about doing what is best for YOU and your family!

Be your own supermom and ignore the villains who try to keep you from achieving your goals.

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