My 2017 Book List

Every year, I set a Reading Goal for how many books I plan to read that year.  In 2017, I got a little over ambitious with a goal of 75 books!

In 2016, I surpassed my goal of reading 50 books with 81 books, so I thought that 75 was reasonable.  It is definitely doable, but might have been a little overboard, even for me…but I finally achieved my goal with a couple days to spare.  Then I threw in an extra book for posterity.

I usually use Goodreads to track my books, and like to go through them at the end of the year to select my favorites of the bunch.

My 7 Favorite Reads of 2017

I read these in 2017, they were not necessarily published in that year.

  1. Born a Crime: Stories from a South African Childhood  by Trevor Noah — a compelling, humorous, and gritty memoir of Trevor Noah, the host of The Daily Show.  
  2. Graceling by Kristin Cashore — A good series for those who love strong female leads, especially those who don’t think that every “happily ever after” needs to end with a wedding and subsequent pregnancy.
  3. The Passenger by Lisa Lutz — My local book club picked this book for me.  I honestly wasn’t expecting to like this one, but it had that pull that kept me reading as the main character constantly created new identities.
  4. Kulti by Mariana Zapata — This was one of those books that a friend kept recommending and I kept avoiding.  I should have trusted her and read it earlier. Now, I am the one who keeps recommending it to people (side note: Rhythm, Chord & Malykhin by M. Zapata is also a great read).
  5. An Accidental Goddess by Linnea Sinclair — Yet another random recommendation that I wasn’t sure I would enjoy that turned out to be a great read. Spaceships, Magic, and Intrigue? Sign me up!
  6. You Don’t Look Like Anyone I Know by Heather Sellers — I love memoirs. I also love anything about neurology, which fascinates me. This book is about a woman who discovers she has prosopagnosia (face-blindness).
  7. Dragon Storm by Lindsay Buroker — While I love ALL of Lindsay’s books, this new series (a spin-off of her Dragon Blood series) is definitely one of my favorites.  I love the characters and, honestly, you can’t go wrong with dragons and snarky sentient swords.

I set my goal of 75 books for 2018 too, so we will see how that pans out. I’ll let you know at the end of the year if I find any great ones 🙂

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