The Final Countdown: Setting a Schedule, Goals and Expectations

My last day at the office is quickly approaching.  This coming week will be my last one working outside of the home.

In anticipation of that change, I finally decided that I better attempt to set a tentative schedule, goals, and expectations for myself.  I could easily hang out on the sofa watching Netflix or reading books all day if I let myself.


It sounds like such a simple thing, but really it’s fraught with inconsistencies. Good planning has to be like a tree.  It has to be both sturdy AND flexible enough to survive.  There’s still some question about how the mornings will pan out, but here is my tentative daily schedule plan:

  • Morning (6 am to 9 am): Waking up Kids, Breakfast, Prepare Kid Lunches, Drop kids off at their respective school locations.
  • Mid-Morning (9 am to 10 am): Exercise, Shower.
  • Late Morning (10 am to 12 pm): Work. Freelance Editing/Writing.
  • Lunch Break (12 pm to 1 pm)
  • Early Afternoon (1 pm to 3 pm): Work, Errands, Chores, Appointments, etc.
  • Mid-Afternoon (3 pm to 4 pm): Chores, Pick Up Kids from Bus Stop
  • Afternoon (4 pm to 6 pm):

I figure after a month of this tentative plan that I’ll reevaluate and see what needs to change and set a daily schedule for myself.


Most of my goals are focused on family finances, chores, and helping teaching my children new things.

Financially, I would like to increase my monthly freelance earnings, but I have not yet set a goal because I have never been able to dedicate the amount of time to freelance editing to turn it from a supplemental income to a primary income.  I won’t really know until I start establishing myself more.  Then I can determine what a sustainable income I can create. If I can find a way to help reduce household spending that will also help 🙂

Chore goals are basically to allow more time on the weekend for frivolity and relaxation and to complete some of those projects that I never have time for (like cleaning out the garage and the closets).  My goal is to aim for a couple small chores a day (in addition to the regular ones) and one big one a week. We will see how THAT pans out.


I would love to be able to help earn money to keep our household running smoothly and to be able to get around to some of the chores I have little to no time for because I’m either not home or wrangling children.

My primary expectation is to manage the boys though.  This is the reason we decided to have me stay home in the first place…so that we would have a dedicated adult to handle all the child-related holidays, early release dates, teacher conferences, IEP meetings, sick days, summer vacations, field trips, etc.

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