The Stuff I Never Did

When you work full-time, you quickly learn to prioritize chores and errands.  If  you’re like me, what you can’t squeeze in during the limited evening and weekend hours, gets shoved on a list of “Stuff I’ll Maybe Get to One Day When I Have More Time”.

My closets, cupboards, and garage have spent the last 9 years accumulating stuff.  Occasionally, I would find a couple hours to clear out some clutter or reorganize, but rarely enough to put a dent in the projects.

But now that I have time, I can finally get around to some of the stuff I never did.


Sounds simple enough, right?  Take all your stuff you don’t need or never use and get rid of it.

Instead of formulating a plan, I went ahead and dove right in with the first part of my plan.  On Monday, I emptied out 9 years worth of clutter from under the of the master bathroom sink!

Master Bathroom Clutter
Under the Sink

After cleaning, I put the room back together, with the only improvements being the sheer lack of STUFF clogging up every nook and cranny!

Master Bath Complete!

Anything salvageable, I am boxing up to donate. I often give to the Military Order of the Purple Heart, because they will drive to my house and take boxes off my front porch.

Rinse and Repeat

On Tuesday and Wednesday, I did the same to the boys bathroom and the 1/2 bath (or powder room, if you’re fancy) downstairs.

Unfortunately, I realized that I have now filled up the garage/trash cans to full with all of the stuff from three afternoons worth of work!  The good part of that is that it forces me to take a break, relax, and evaluate all my many projects planned.

Two days worth of decluttering and organizing a week is a lot of work!

Still Lots to Do!

I am ambitious about decluttering and reorganizing my house!  Getting rid of stuff is hard for me, because I am definitely a pack rat!  Also, I am more likely to shift piles around from room to room than box up and get rid of things.

The plan is to declutter and reorganize EVERY room and closet in the house over time.  I am waiting on dealing with the garage until it is warmer outside, but that will be my biggest challenge.

In addition to organizing, I have a long list of other tasks I may now actually be able to get around to.

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2 Replies to “The Stuff I Never Did”

  1. Doesn’t it feel good to declutter and organize. Like my twin we are into plastic organizer boxes and crates. Especially in the bathroom. Clear is always best. Clutter, I use the excuse I am saving it for someone to use. Which I do. I’ll get on a buying spree each year it seems. One year I found lamps. I must have had 5 sets. All garage sale items but none the less five sets. Thankful they found homes, but it was clutter. Thank goodness for a shed. Of course for years in it I also stored crate upon crate of baby clothes… Okay I will admit it. Pack rat too.

    1. I have gotten to the point now where I’m throwing out anything that I can’t donate just to get rid of the mess. I am working on one declutter project a week. Last week was bathrooms. This week is the hall closet because the boys will be home from school more this week.

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