One Month Ago Today

A month ago today, I quit my job to stay-at-home.  It’s been both exactly what I expected and not what I expected at all.

So far, my schedule has been pretty erratic.  I’d like to think that’s just because I haven’t established a routine, but mostly I haven’t had a chance to start to form one.  The last four weeks have been a mixture of inconsistencies between the schedule for the family and my own work. 

I’d like to hope that a typical schedule will gradually develop, but I am starting to think that anything resembling an average week went out the window a month ago.

For now, it’s just playing it by ear and see how things go.


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2 Replies to “One Month Ago Today”

  1. Planning and schedules are what works but also playing it by ear and being flexible has to take up a lot of the time too. Hang in there you will find your way of getting it all done.

  2. I’m a play it by ear kind of gal. A certain amount of planning sure. It works for some. A neighbor I once had kept a house as neat as a pin. She was inside most of the time due to some health issues her youngest son Daniel had. She once told me her sister in laws rules. There aren’t any. Except keep them alive. Lol. Your children are only young ones for a split second. Time flies the older we get and the busier we are….Slow Down..enjoy this time she said.. The house will wait. Dinner at 7 isn’t a bad thing… Get on the floor and play with them… This is that time before they out grow you and only wish to hang with friends. That time comes all to fast,……. I know I lost a lot of times with my kids due to some things and extreme stress and depression that I will never get back.. I wanted to show them the wonderful life a kid should live… To have them know how much I loved them and wanted all the best for them… A parent only hopes their kids take away the good lessons…..Now is that time!!!!! Cherish and grow from and with it….. Cease the day!!!!!!

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