Among Other Things: Happy Half-Hours

Among other things, the bulk of my days are spent on freelance writing/editing, household chores, and child-related activities. It’s these other things that seem to make or break my days.  They are often ME moments I spend relaxing or doing something that I enjoy.

It’s easy to say you should find your happy, but it’s MUCH harder in practice to find the time, energy, and motivation for these activities. Here are a couple of ways I find my happy, but you do whatever works for YOU!

Happy Half-Hours

Sometimes, all you have is a half-hour to spend on you.

  • Make a Cup of Coffee – The fresh aroma can be the perfect pick-me-up, with the added bonus of caffeine.
  • Take a Shower – Sounds simple, but sometimes finding time for that on a hectic day can be a challenge.
  • Talk to Someone Special – I don’t mean chatter about the kid’s school days or what you want for dinner.  I mean spending that time talking (or texting) about the little things (projects at work, ideas for vacation plans, etc.)
  • Watch TV – You don’t have to binge-watch a season on Netflix to enjoy yourself.  A short break between activities to catch up on an episode can be happy too.
  • Read a Chapter – Depending on how fast you read, you could easily make it through a chapter or two in a half-hour.
  • Plan Ahead – I love planning vacations/trips of all different sorts.  You don’t even have to take one, just looking up stuff online about possible places makes me happy.
  • Exercise – Even if it’s just dancing around your living room.  You don’t have to do squats and push-ups.  You can learn Yoga or Tai-Chi from YouTube.
  • Pursuit a Hobby – Crochet a scarf, build a birdhouse, or edit Wikipedia. Whatever floats your boat.

Just pick something that you can portion off into half-hour increments. You can improvise too.  Just find things that make you smile and make it easier for you to get over the lumps and bumps of life.


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