25 of My Favorite Products

Everyone has their own preferences for things, but I thought I would share some of mine, because that’s how they became my favorites.  Someone once shared an item that they liked with me, so I tried it.  If I liked it, it then joined my list.  Maybe it will also join yours.

  1. Aerie Boybrief underwear – Yes, you read that correctly. Underwear.  I know it seems an odd thing to recommend, but I lack the modesty to care.  After all, most people wear them everyay.
  2. Amazon Fire Tablet – I have an 8.9 HDX, but Iove my tablet.  My kids both use iPads, but I prefer the Fire tablet for my own enjoyment.
  3. AVEENO Daily Moisturizing Lotion – I wanted a facial lotion that had SPF, but didn’t smell too strongly of sunscreen.  I put this on every day to help protect my skin.
  4. Bar Keepers Friend Liquid Soft Cleanser – A coworker randomly gave me a bottle of this that was left by a former office employee when she learned that I had never heard of it before.  I use this to help battle the iron deposits of the well water in my house (my Culligan filtration system can only do so much on its own).
  5. Bare Minerals Foundation – I rarely wear make-up because they often feel heavy and fake.  Bare Minerals has a more natural feel and is super light so I don’t even feel like I am wearing foundation at all.  
  6. Biore Ultra Deep Cleansing Pore Strips – At her bachelorette party, a friend of mine had a box of these that we all tried.  There’s something fascinating about being able to look at all the gunk that the strips remove from your pores that makes your face feel fresh and clean.
  7. Bissel Little Green ProHeat Portable Carpet Cleaner – I got this as a present to myself because I am always fighting an uphill battle to keep my carpets relatively clean.  This takes some time and effort, but looks so much better than a standard vacuum and bottle of carpet cleaning spray ever managed.
  8. Brooks Ghost Running Shoes – I decided to invest in a good pair of running shoes while preparing to run my first (and so far ONLY) 5K.  Even though I got out of the habit of running, I still love these shoes and wear them whenever I know I will be doing a lot of walking.
  9. Cafe Du Monde Coffee and Chickory blend – I am not sure who to blame for this addiction.  I think it started with my college roommate Phuong and then continued with my in-laws, who became my suppliers whenever they went to New Orleans.                                                                                                            
  10. Coca-Cola’s Diet Coke Sweetened with Splenda – My cousin-in-law introduced us to this diet coke version.  We now refer to regular diet soda as “plebeian soda”.  When I find this in the grocery store (rare), I often buy every case on the shelf.  We order it online to keep our house stocked, because it is just THAT much better.
  11. Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus spray – Ironing is dangerous.  It requires that I go into a room where my kids can’t accidentally run in and scald themselves on a hot iron.  Instead, I just spray them. Voila! Wrinkle free.
  12. Fitbit Charge 2 – The Charge 2 is my second Fitbit.  I started with the Charge HR initially and later upgraded. It’s not as large and bulky as some options, such as the Fitbot Ionic or as skinny as the Flex 2.  It’s a nice in-between size. I wear it everywhere except in the water.
  13. Hilltop Designs Orange & Olive Oil  Lip Balm – I own more lip balm than almost anyone I know.  I keep them strategically placed around the house (2-3 in each location) so that one is always on hand. So, I KNOW a good lip balm when I find it, and this is one one of my favorites!
  14. IMAK Ergo Non-Skid Wrist Cushion for computer mouse – This is basically a bean bag for your wrist.  I disliked gel wrist rest and was looking for an alternative ergonomic mouse pad.  These are filled with tiny ergonomic beads that cushion but don’t restrict.  I have a larger one for my desktop computer and a “LePetit” one that easily travels with my laptop and travel mouse.         
  15. Jamberry Nail Wraps – I absolutely hate painting my nails.  It takes forever to do and dry and then (inevitably) they are chipped and gross looking within 12-24 hours.  So, when I heard about nail wraps I jumped on them fast.  I LOVE these so much that I sometimes consider becoming a consultant and selling them myself! 
  16. The Laundress Delicate Wash detergent – You are supposed to hand wash some clothes, such as bras, swimwear, and certain blouses.  So, I found a soap that worked well on these. It’s a bit expensive, but lasts a LONG time.  You can also use this detergent in your washer on the delicate cycle.
  17. LifeStride Shoes – This is my go-to brand for all dress shoes, flats, and boots.  Why? Great price, comfort, and consistent fit.  I just look at some heels and my ankles start to throb, but I always know I will get some much-needed cushioning with LifeStride.
  18. Nintendo Switch – Arguably one of the best gaming consoles ever created.  We got my son one for Christmas and play with it as much as he does. 
  19. Maggie & Mary’s Creamy Wild Rice Soup – My husband got a gourmet food basket from his coworkers after he had pancreatitis a couple years ago.  This soup was one of the things in the package.  He doesn’t eat soup, but I decided to try it.  BEST SOUP EVER!  It’s a bit expensive, but I order it a couple times a year (especially when its colder out) to make a batch in the crockpot.
  20. Mini Banana Moonpies – I already love banana moonpies, but while I have a crazy sweet tooth, I also have a limit before it’s too much for me.  So, when I saw these mini options in RiteAid one day, I grabbed them.  They are just the perfect size.
  21. Olympia Evansville luggage set – I have many different luggage sets over the years, but this set is by far my favorite.  I got it on sale for less than half of the original price too (yeah for sales!).  We use them all the time.
  22. Saco Buttermilk Blend – When that recipe you  want calls for buttermilk, but you don’t want to run to the store to purchase way more buttermilk than you actually need…use Saco! You store it in your pantry and add it to water to make just the amount that you need.
  23. Sugru mouldable glue – It’s magical.  You can use this handy little clay-like substance to repair so many different things.  One it hardens, it becomes a permanent, water-resistant, heat-resistant fix.  Also, it makes a great stocking stuffer for adults.                                                                                     
  24. WineSkin – It’s important, when traveling with wine (or any other glass bottle) to keep it safe. I used these to take wine on a cruise and bring rum back with me.  Then to ship that rum to a friend.  These bottles work great to protect your bottle from the bumps and bruises in luggage and are double sealed just in case.
  25. Yogibo Cozybo blanket – I love all our Yogibo stuff.  We have many yogibo products (Double,  Support, ZippaRoll, Moon Pillow, etc.) but this blanket is one of my favorite items. It has a little stretch and a lot of snuggle!


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