Work and Money: An Update

I have been working from home since January now and thought it was time for an update on that.

Unexpected Part-Timer

About a month ago, I was asked by my former company to work remotely for them (temporarily) while another admin was out on medical leave.  So, for the past 4 week, I have occasionally been reviewing/editing reports for them in the interim.  Depending on how long she is out, I will likely be helping them for another few weeks.  It’s a good way to get some extra money in my pocket this spring since I don’t know how much freelance work I will have time for once summer vacation kicks in around mid-June.


I’m still working on various freelance projects: editing, writing articles, proofreading, etc.  I have a couple regular, weekly assignments that I do  and occasionally will take on a non-regular assignment for one of my regular clients.  I am not actively seeking additional projects since I also have my part-time work currently.  Once that work flow works, I’ll be handling summer activities, so I probably won’t try to take on a ton of work until school ramps up again in the fall.


So, one thing that I now have to figure out in addition to freelance taxes (I set aside about 30% of all I earn to cover taxes), I now have to figure out how best to handle my 401K situation.  I currently have two separate 401Ks that I will likely need to roll-over.  Then I will have to determine how much money I want to add to it each month so keep it growing.  I’d rather be proactive at 36, then worry what I will live on in 30 more years.

Planning Ahead

Since I likely won’t be returning to work full-time in the foreseeable future  (M will likely require care into adulthood), much of our financial stability (not to mention health insurance) will stem from my husband’s career.   The good news is that it takes the pressure off me to bear the burden of earnings.  Instead, I take on the role of household management.

Household Management

So far, I have done a poor job of decreasing our overall spending as a household. I spend significantly less money on eating out for lunch, getting coffee, work clothes, and gas (not driving 70 miles round trip each day will do that).  I probably save $75+/week just by NOT working.  Maybe I will eventually get into couponing, but so far it’s been more of a hassle than a help.

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