Subscription Box Reviews

I am a huge fan of subscription boxes.  You can now get almost anything delivered to your home on a regular schedule! Here are some of my favorite ones I have tried so far, and my thoughts on them:

Clothing:  Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix is an clothing subscription, where a stylist picks 5 new items (clothing, shoes, accessories) for you to try each “fix”.  I get one every other month, but you can pick your own frequency to receive a fix.  The cost is $20 per fix, but that money can be used toward purchasing any item(s) in your fix.  If you keep all 5 items you also get a 25% discount on everything.   I have been subscribed to Stitch Fix for over a year now.  For me, the clothing is a little bit more expensive than what I would buy at JCPenney or Target, but has a much wider and diverse selection (particularly for petites) than I can often find in a store.  I have to drive 30 mins to get to a store that sells petites currently, so Stitch Fix saves me time that way.  My favorite thing is being able to try on new possibilities (some that I would never have selected on my own) in the comfort of my own home and test it out with items in my closet to see if it works with them!

Jewelry:  Rocksbox

If you like variety, but don’t always want to buy new jewelry, then Rocksbox is for you.  I have been a member for almost a year (in June). They charge $21 per month and send you 3 new pieces to try when you send your current set back (you can keep it as long as you want).  You have the option to purchase items, and your $21 fee can be applied to your purchase each month.  You can also shop on their website and purchase items that way too.

Meals: Home Chef

There are an absurd number of options out there in terms of meal services.  I chose Home Chef based on the recommendation of an acquaintance, the number of options to select from, and (most importantly) they had more options that my family would eat.  I got this for only 2 people (my kids are chicken nuggets and fish sticks eaters) to try and so far I love it.  It costs about $10/serving (so $20 meal for us), which is less than eating out, but feels and tastes like restaurant-quality food.  The recipes are easy to follow, I can get 2 meals delivered one week and 4 the next (if desired), all the packaging is recyclable, and  I feel like I am wasting a lot less food.  If a recipe calls for 2 garlic cloves, 1 oz. of sour cream, and 2 oz. of  balsamic dressing, then that is what arrives.  I am not throwing half a container of ingredient I only used once out.  I am learning new recipes, which I can always purchase the ingredients for and cook on my own someday too.

Steak Moutarde was the first recipe I’ve ever made from them.

Coffee: Bean Box

I decided to try a coffee subscription, because coffee is awesome.  I selected Bean Box because they send small samples (3 oz) of different roasts and blends to try (alternately, you can get a full-size bag subscription instead).  If you like one, you can order a regular-sized bag of beans (12 oz.) of that variety.  It’s about $20/month to receive.  My batches are all medium roasts, which I love, but you can sign up for whatever roasts you prefer or single-origin coffees too. So far, my favorite blend is Vashon Island Coffee Roasterie Costa Rica Reserve  but I am always excited to try new flavors.

My First Bean Box

Kids Fun: Kiwi Crate

Technically, I didn’t sign up for this one.  Grandparents got my son (age 8) a subscription to KiwiCo, which sends him a Kiwi Crate each month. They have different boxes based on age groups that you can order.  Each focusing on educational STEAM activities.  These are great rainy-day or “I’m bored” projects too.  So far, his favorite was the Secret Agent crate. The subscription is $20 month to month, or $17/month with a 12-month subscription.  If I was a homeschool parent, I would definitely use these for teaching as well!

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