A Break From It All

Every year or two, my husband and I try to get away from it all. It’s challenging as a parent, especially a special needs parent, to disconnect from all the responsibilities of daily life and just be a couple.

So, we make a point to rent a cabin in the woods and/or mountain every once in a while to get away from all the things that keep us busy.  We don’t bring work, try not to always talk about the kids, and spend a couple days just being adults.

We relax in the hot tub, watch whatever we want on TV without having to worry about age-appropriate content, sleep in every morning, eat ice cream for breakfast, and reconnect as a couple.

We buy enough food on the way that we don’t have to leave the cabin unless we really want to.  We usually just stay in and relax.

We don’t “disconnect” from technology or wifi, because we love those things.  Seriously, they are awesome.  Not that we check social media as often, but we like to be connected.

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  1. You should see Billy and I now that we are empty nesting in some ways, it’s hard to stay connected. It’s even harder not to talk of the kids. We still camp and that does help. If I find a new hideaway I will send you the tip of where.

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