Ready for Autumn

I am ready for autumn. I’d love to pretend it’s because I love the changing of leaves (really, I think it’s depressing to see them all wither up and die) or because I enjoy cooler weather and shorter hours of sunlight (who doesn’t enjoy seasonal affective disorder). Really, I am just ready for the boys to go back to school!

Seriously, September…get here already!


It’s been a good summer. Lots of activities spread out over the months.  Summer break from school is just too damn long though. I am a big advocate for year-round school. I’ll try to make another post at some point about that, but seriously…America should totally convert to a different schedule.  Yes, kids would still get a holiday in the summer (and other seasons too) but they would be shorter.


I’ve been able to maintain a steady flow of freelance work this summer.  Not so much to be stressed out or overwhelmed, but just enough to maintain my regular client contracts (I have about 3 stable ones that I do projects for on a weekly basis). It’s not a lot of money, but a little extra in the bank account so that I can still afford to go out to brunch with my girls and on my biennial cruise without feeling guilty about the expense.  Once school begins, I will hopefully be able to get more done (uninterrupted!)


I was doing so well on my daily exercise program in the Spring.  I was walking 3-5 miles every day, eating better, and losing weight. Then Summer came. With the kids at home, finding a way to maintain that hour of walking every day became unsustainable.  I walked a few times when the kids were in camp, but mostly I used that time to catch up on chores, work, etc. Once the daily schedule switches back to a predictable timetable, I’ll be able to get myself back up to usual.  I’m not sure what will happen next summer, but I am assuming the same issue will pop-up.


Most of what I’ve got done in the summer is keeping up with the mess. In the fall, I am hoping to get some more general around-the-house cleaning done that I find it challenging to accomplish with children underfoot – like throwing away (or recycling) old toys and clearing out closets. I am putting those off until October though when I’ve readjusted to the school year 🙂


Pretty much since I started getting HomeChef meal boxes last spring, I have found myself enjoying cooking so much more. I find the process relaxing and it’s nice to eat a home-cooked meal a couple times a week (I aim for 2-3).  We normally do meals like sausage and rice, 10-minute skillet meals, or pot pies in the oven on other nights. Here’s a picture of one of the many meals I’ve made

Mesquite Chicken and Loaded Potato Wedges


We mostly stayed local this summer.  The family went to a couple nice local parks (Kinder Farm, Dunkirk District Park, etc.) and Six Flags America, but nowhere outside of Maryland.  I don’t think we even went into DC to a museum this summer (which we typically do). My husband and I went away for a long weekend to West Virginia, but that was pretty much the extent of it. Q and I went to New York City in May though, so I am good with that.


For those of you who don’t know, I am extremely active in my son’s Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO).  I honestly tried to get involved in the PTG (Parent-Teacher Group) at my other son’s school but they were too disorganized and I was too busy with other responsibilities to do both organizations.  I’ve been the Chair for the Beautification Committee for 3 years now. I also assist in the Scholastic Book Fair, Seagull Sprint fundraiser, teacher/staff appreciation events, etc. This year, I am also taking over as the PTO Secretary and the Newsletter Editor.  It probably doesn’t sound like a lot, but I have absolutely no idea how many hours of volunteer work I put in a month.  Getting everything organized for the fall has been a unique challenge and kept me very busy!


The boys start back in two weeks, directly after Labor Day. Q will be in 3rd Grade this year. M will be in the Elementary Department again (his school is structured differently, but his classroom will be a mix of probably K/1st/2nd grade-age children). I am beyond ready for them to begin. We have backpacks, lunch boxes, supplies, clothes and everything else ready to roll!

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