15 Healthy, but Yummy Snacks

I’ve been attempting to snack better.  So, each trip to the grocery store I try to pick up a couple new things to try.  I love salty and sweet things, so finding things to satisfy my cravings while keeping me happy is not always easy.

Most of what I was looking for was alternative options with less salt, sugar, and “fluff” than my typical snacks, but they still had to be things I would actually eat!

Here are some that I have found that I enjoy! Most of these are gluten-free, although I wasn’t aiming for that intentionally.

  1. Harvest Snaps: Green Pea Snack Crisps: Caesar.  I actually liked these so much, I bought more types to try! The Red Lentil Tomato Basil Harvest Snaps are also awesome.
  2. TERRA chips: Sweets & Beets. The Sweet Potato ones alone are also good, but I didn’t like the Original one much.
  3. Way Better Snacks: Sweet Potato Whole-Grain Tortilla Chips. Blue Corn is my second favorite of these chips.
  4. dang Toasted Coconut Chips: Caramel Sea Salt. They have other products too, but I have not tried them yet.
  5. KIND Bars: Dark Chocolate Mocha Almond.  I love these because I can easily throw them in my purse and eat them whenever when out and about.
  6. Skinny Dipped Almonds: Dark Chocolate Cocoa. It’s hard to go wrong with chocolate-dipped anything.
  7. GOOD THiNS: The Potato One – White Cheddar. I tried many flavors, but I keep coming back to the White Cheddar ones. I could easily eat an entire box by myself.
  8. Rip Van Wafels: Traditional (dutch caramel and vanilla). These are hard to find at the grocery store, but well worth the effort!
  9. Whole Cuts: Bacon & Cheddar. They are cut like a french fry, crunchy like a chip, and addictively delicious!
  10. BARE: Banana Chips. Surprisingly sweet considering there is no added sugar. So many banana chips are just blah, so I wasn’t expecting these to be so good. 
  11. Barry’s Bakery French Twists: Wild RaspberryThese are cute little pastry crunchies that are only 30 calories each!
  12. Somersaults Sunflower Seed Crunchy Bites: Dutch Cocoa. A little sweet. A little chocolatey. Very satisfying. I’m not a fan of oatmeal bites, but really liked these ones.
  13. Stretch Island Fruit Leather: Strawberry. It’s like a much healthier version of a fruit roll-up.
  14. NibMor Chocolate Bar: Dark Chocolate with Tart Cherries. I’m not a big fan of cherries, but these mixed with the dark chocolate were great.  The 1 oz bars are enough to satisfy a sweet craving without going overboard too.
  15. Fiber One Sweet Treats: Caramel Cheesecake. There are a variety of flavors that I like: Lemon, Chocolate Fudge, Cinnamon Coffee Cake, etc. These are so good that my 9 year old steals them from the pantry!

My main issue with healthy snacks is that they are prohibitively more expensive than “junk” snacks.  I am trying to look at them as an investment in my health, but even then I can try to only buy these when they are on sale and kinder on my grocery budget.

This also makes it very hard to try new things, because if I don’t like them (despite high reviews, I thought “roasted seaweed snacks” were disgusting) it’s $5 wasted.

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  1. I don’t know if you have an Aldi near you, but their Fit & Active Cheddar Cheese Rice snacks are delicious. its only 70 calories for 8 of them and they are very reasonably priced. They have a caramel one as well which is also pretty good.

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