Long Time No See

When I started this blog, it was with the idea that becoming a SAHP would mean I had time to devote to creating and maintaining it. Partially because I thought I would be bored. Mostly because I forget how unmotivated I can be.

Despite slowly cutting back on my work and devoting more time to the home, I find that I am always busy with a wide variety of chores, volunteer activities, and errands. I’m trying to decide if keeping a blog is a worthwhile endeavor enough to balance the expense of URL ownership.

Home Updates

I’ve been on a home updating campaign! Everything from installing new light fixtures to painting rooms to minor repairs. I’m slowly chipping away at my list of things I want done. Sometimes they seem fairly minor, like buying a table umbrella stand so my umbrella doesn’t try to escape anytime it’s windy, but they all add up. It all helps to mitigate 10+ years of wear and tear on the house.


I could not even begin to estimate how many hours of my life I spend volunteering. I hold executive board positions for a couple groups: the PTO and my family’s ancestry group. On my plate, I have a little bit of everything: historical research, newsletter creation, website and social media administration, secretary, committee chair, committee member, event volunteer, and more. I reallocate my spare time to relaxing or volunteering.


I am actually in the process of cutting back on freelance work. The balance between trying to work and handling the homefront is rough. The amount of time compared to the rate of pay is just not sufficient enough to justify the time allocated to working. Instead, that time can be better served elsewhere. I actually looked into a variety of alternative part-time work options. The dominant issue with working outside the home is that my child-related schedule interferes. I need to be home during snow days, school breaks, sick days, doctor appointments, and the entire summer. Even with a job like substitute teaching, before/aftercare to allow it would require more resources than I currently have at my disposal.


For now, I will attempt to update this blog again regularly. I have until November, I believe, to decide if it is worth my time.