The Stuff I Never Did

When you work full-time, you quickly learn to prioritize chores and errands.  If  you’re like me, what you can’t squeeze in during the limited evening and weekend hours, gets shoved on a list of “Stuff I’ll Maybe Get to One Day When I Have More Time”.

My closets, cupboards, and garage have spent the last 9 years accumulating stuff.  Occasionally, I would find a couple hours to clear out some clutter or reorganize, but rarely enough to put a dent in the projects.

But now that I have time, I can finally get around to some of the stuff I never did.

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The Final Countdown: Setting a Schedule, Goals and Expectations

My last day at the office is quickly approaching.  This coming week will be my last one working outside of the home.

In anticipation of that change, I finally decided that I better attempt to set a tentative schedule, goals, and expectations for myself.  I could easily hang out on the sofa watching Netflix or reading books all day if I let myself.


It sounds like such a simple thing, but really it’s fraught with inconsistencies. Good planning has to be like a tree.  It has to be both sturdy AND flexible enough to survive.  There’s still some question about how the mornings will pan out, but here is my tentative daily schedule plan:

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